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Once you create an avatar account account you can log on to The Moonlight Grid by adding


to your viewer's grid selections. Your avatar will log in on Moonlight Landing. Here you will find the the Resident Welcome and
Information Center and the HyperGate Hub. The HyperGate Hub will teleport you to various locations throughout the Grid. The Welcome
Center has information and items as well as Mentors to help you on your way into the Moonlight Grid. You'll also notice a HyperGate
in the the Welcome Center. This will take you right to Moonlight Starter Mall. There you can "pimp out" your avatar with some clothes,
shoes, hair and other accessories. Once You're all set you can set off and explore the rest of the Grid. Head on over to the HyperGate
Hub or if you're old fashioned, you can walk around and see the sights on foot.

Creating an account gives you the added benefit of not only being able to log onto the grid itself, but to also buy regions and currency (Moonies, $MS).

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