Where have you gone?

As you have noticed we have disappeared. The Halcyon Developers have promised a "Glorious Future" and we anxiously await that
future, however we feel that right at this moment Halcyon isn't the right fit for us. Don't get me wrong, Halcyon is a SUPERB piece of
software and runs great. Our stuff just works right out of the box in it. Sure it can be a bit of a beast to install and maintain but so is a Porsche
or Jaguar. We need to consider a lot of things in order to decide which simulator is right for us at this time. There are a few options out there,
some good, some bad. We are also working on other endeavors and projects that would benefit from an already populated grid. We do plan
on establishing a grid presence, whether it be self hosted or part of another established grid we have yet to decide.

We do plan to maintain our co-operation and partnerships with Creo Mundos and the MyWorld Projects as well as continuing involvement
with the Halcyon developers, like we said, we are anxious to see the "Glorious Future" and the possibilities it holds. Our Discord Channel
remains open so that you may keep in touch with us and we may provide updates on our projects and grid decisions.

For the moment you can find us in DigiWorldz on Lunar and on Creo Mundos in the Commercial Area.

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